Meditation Chair or Yoga Chair Manufacturer

Its more than just a yoga chair – Adjustable | Lightweight | Strong with Factory Price

All India Furniture is the direct manufacturer of meditation chairs, we have sold hundreds of yoga chairs across India in small and large quantities. This is an ideal chair for performing yoga and is in high demand for yoga ashrams, communities, institutions and NGO’s. Many orders have been made with a purpose to donate this yoga chairs for a cause. Meditation chairs are in very high demand in the following cities in India:

Yoga chairs are in high demand in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Surat, Visakhapatnam and many more.

Yoga chair is one of our best selling product and has given us opportunity to acquire new customers and to serve them better. This is a folding chair which can easily fit into your travelling bag or can be tied with the luggage, due to its extremely lightweight attribute (1 . 1/2 KG) you will never feel agitated to carry and handle it.

About the Meditation Chair:

1. Fully adjustable meditation chair.
2. Easy to handle and carry anywhere.
3. Foldable, cozy and can easily fit into your backpack
4. Extremely lightweight – Weight of the chair is 1 1/2 Kg.
5. Frame of the chair is made of superior metal
6. Multiple color choices (Contact us to know more)
7. Dimension of the meditation chair is: 18″ X 18″
8. Specially designed for performing Yoga/Meditation.
9. Provide proper comfort to your back with its ability to adjust
10. The cover comes with a zipper. If you want to change the cushion or the cover it can be easily done by yourself.
11. If you order in bulk the price will get reduced

We will get it delivered anywhere in India!
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